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Realtime Compiler

The Hyde Realtime Compiler is included with Hyde installations and is what powers the php hyde serve command, allowing you to preview your static site on a local development server without having to rebuild the site.


To start the server, run the following command from a terminal in your project directory:

1php hyde serve

This will start a local development server at http://localhost:8080

Please note that the server is designed for local development, and should not be used on a public network.


The server can be configured in the config/hyde.php file to change the port, host, and to customize its features.

Filepath: config/hyde.php
1'server' => [
2 'port' => env('SERVER_PORT', 8080),
3 'host' => env('SERVER_HOST', 'localhost'),
4 'save_preview' => true,

Live dashboard


The realtime compiler comes with a live dashboard that you can access at http://localhost:8080/dashboard.

From here, you can visually interact with your site content, including creating new pages and posts.

The live dashboard is not saved to your static site, and is only available through the development server.


The dashboard can be customized, and disabled, in the config/hyde.php file.

Filepath: config/hyde.php
1'server' => [
2 'dashboard' => [
3 'enabled' => env('SERVER_DASHBOARD', true),
4 'interactive' => true,
5 'tips' => true,
6 ],

The dashboard was added in Realtime Compiler v3.0.0 (March 2023), with interactive features added in v3.1.0 (October 2023)

Live edit


The live edit feature allows you to quickly edit Markdown-based pages (posts, docs, and pages) directly in the browser.

To enter the live editor, simply double-click on the article you want to edit, and it will be replaced with a text editor. When you're done, click the save button to save the changes to the page's source file.


The live editor supports the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl + E - Enter/Exit editor
  • Ctrl + S - Save changes
  • esc - Exit editor if active


The live editor can be disabled in the config/hyde.php file. The live editor plugin code will not be saved to your static site.

Filepath: config/hyde.php
1'server' => [
2 'live_edit' => env('SERVER_LIVE_EDIT', true),

The live editor was added in Hyde Realtime Compiler Server v3.2.0 (December 2023)

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