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Extensions & Integrations

HydePHP - Extensible by design

HydePHP is designed to be extensible, and comes with a number of built-in extensions and integrations, as well as support for third-party extensions and integrations.

First-Party Extensions & Integrations

Realtime Compiler

The Hyde Realtime Compiler is included with Hyde installations and is what powers the php hyde serve command.

UI Kit

The HydePHP UI Kit is a set of minimalistic Blade & Tailwind components to kickstart development of custom Blade views for your HydePHP site.

GitHub Action

The GitHub Action for HydePHP is hands-down the easiest way to build and deploy your Hyde site to GitHub Pages.

Integration with Third-Party Services

All third-party integrations are listed on the Third-Party Integrations page. Below is a summary.


Torchlight is an amazing API for syntax highlighting, and is supported natively by HydePHP.

  • Learn more about Torchlight in the documentation.


Have an idea for an extension or integration? Let me know! I'd love to hear from you. Get in touch on GitHub or send me a DM on Twitter. You may also want to look at the Extension API documentation to learn how to create extensions.