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The Static Site Generator You've Been Waiting For, is here.

Create websites, blogs, documentation sites, and more, with the power of Laravel and the simplicity of Markdown. Your next website is minutes away from becoming a reality.

To the Documentation!
Two developers collaboratively working on a static site displayed on a large monitor, illustrating the ease of website creation with HydePHP.

New to Hyde?
Start your journey here.

HydePHP is an open-source console application that turns easy-to-use Markdown text files into amazing static websites, backed by the power of Laravel.


Feature List

While the full feature set is too long to list on this page, here are some things I think will make you especially fall in love with Hyde!

Easy Content Creation

Markdown, Blade, both? It's up to you.

Create content with Markdown and let Hyde do the heavy lifting. Sprinkle in some Front Matter for extra credit.

Built-in Frontend

Batteries (and more) Included

Hyde comes shipped with a full-featured frontend using TailwindCSS and customizable Laravel Blade templates.

The power of Laravel

Based on Laravel Zero

Laravel Developers will feel right at home with Hyde. Scaffold files using the Artisan-based HydeCLI and use Blade templates.

Customizable to the Core

Convention over configuration

Hyde is pre-configured for the majority of use cases. Not happy with something? You have the power to change it.


We are proud to hear that so many people use Hyde to build their websites. Here are some of our favourite mentions.

What I'm mostly impressed with is how clean and straightforward the documentation is. Writing good documentation is an art and Caen did an amazing job at it.


@SavvasStephnds - Via Twitter

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HydePHP is actually simple to setup. Now, I'm not a PHP developer and I can barely write a function in this language, but the project actually delivers on what it promises.

Docs: 10/10 Project: 10/10

@peteralexbizjak - Via Twitter

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Holy f. Your project is definitely one of my favorites of the whole [startup] tournament, I constantly keep an eye on the top 50 for it.

Felipe Lecot - Director - Do2 Software

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This could be you! - CEO SomeCompany

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Who's it for?

While you don't need to know PHP or Laravel, Hyde is aimed at developers and requires basic command-line knowledge. Here is a breakdown of some key bullet points tailored to various use cases.

Laravel Artisans

Are Hyde first-class citizens.
  • HydePHP is based on Laravel Zero
  • Render Blade files to HTML
  • Artisan-based CLI interface
  • Automatic pseudo-routing
  • Preconfigured Laravel Mix
  • File-based Collections
Architecture Concepts

Markdown Aficionados

Have their rightful place, at last.
  • Simple Markdown Pages
  • Easy Documentation sites
  • Smart Blog Posts
  • Torchlight Syntax Highlighting
  • YAML Front Matter
  • Automatic RSS feed
Markdown Documentation

Developers & More

And some more features.
  • Free and Open Source
  • Automatic Navigation Menus
  • Customizable & Configurable
  • No databases needed
  • Version controllable
  • And Much More
Installation Guide

Latest Posts

Here are the latest posts from the Hyde Blog! Fully created using Hyde, of course!