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Elegant and Powerful Static Site Generator

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About HydePHP

HydePHP is a Static Site Generator focused on writing content, not markup. With Hyde, it is easy to create static websites, blogs, and documentation pages using Markdown and (optionally) Laravel's Blade.

Operated entirely through the command-line, HydePHP provides developers with a fast and efficient way to create high-quality websites with ease. Unlike traditional web development frameworks, sites compiled with HydePHP don't require any server to run, making it an ideal choice for building lightweight and fast-loading websites.

Compared with other static site builders, Hyde is blazingly fast and seriously simple to get started with, yet it has the full power of Laravel waiting for you when you need it, as Hyde is powered by Laravel Zero, a stripped-down version of the robust and popular Laravel Framework, optimized for console applications.

Hyde makes creating websites easy and fun by taking care of the boring stuff, like routing, writing boilerplate, and endless configuration. Instead, when you create a new Hyde project, everything you need to get started is already there -- including precompiled TailwindCSS, well-crafted Blade templates, and easy-to-use asset management.

Hyde was inspired by JekyllRB and is designed for developers who are comfortable writing posts in Markdown, and it requires virtually no configuration out of the box as it favours convention over configuration and is preconfigured with sensible defaults.


HydePHP is a command-line interface (CLI) application that is installed on a per-project basis.

To use HydePHP, your system must have PHP version 8.1 or later installed, along with Composer, and access to a terminal.

The recommended method of installation is using Composer.

1composer create-project hyde/hyde

Once installed, you can access the HydeCLI from the project root using the hyde command.

1php hyde info


Creating static websites with HydePHP is incredibly easy. First you need some content. You can just drop Markdown files in any of the source directories, or let Hyde scaffold the files for you using one of the many commands.

1php hyde make:post "My First Post"
2php hyde make:page "About Me"

Once you have some content, you can run the build command to compile the content into beautiful static HTML.

1php hyde build

And that's it, your amazing website is ready to be shared with the world!

To learn more, head over to the quickstart page.