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Brand Assets

HydePHP welcomes the use of its brand assets by individuals and organizations that align with its open-source and nonprofit mission. While fair and respectful use is encouraged, unauthorized modification, misleading affiliations, or promoting harmful content are strictly prohibited.


Attribution is required, and non-commercial use is generally permitted, but for commercial purposes, permission must be obtained. Journalists and reviewers can use the assets for coverage, but please note that a wordmark is not currently available for use.

HydePHP is committed to upholding its values and reserves the right to revoke usage permission for violations. Compliance with laws and regulations is essential, and any misuse should be reported to the HydePHP Project Authors.

For the full list of terms, please visit By using any of these assets you agree to these terms. But as long as common sense is used, you should be fine.

Logo files

These are the files for the HydePHP Hat Logo.

logo.svg (2.51 KB)
logo.png (259.65 KB)
logo-min.png (144.95 KB)