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HydePHP Brand Assets Usage Guidelines and Terms

Thank you for your interest in using HydePHP's brand assets. HydePHP is an open-source and nonprofit software, and we appreciate your support in adhering to the following guidelines and terms to ensure the responsible and respectful use of our brand assets.


  • In general, as long as you abide by common sense, you will be fine.
  • If you have any concerns or questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

1. Permission for Use:

  • HydePHP brand assets are available for use by individuals and organizations that support the HydePHP project, including contributors, users, and supporters.
  • Permission is granted for fair and respectful use that aligns with the values of HydePHP.

2. Prohibited Use:

  • Unauthorized modification, distortion, or alteration of HydePHP brand assets is strictly prohibited.
  • Any use that could mislead or deceive others into believing that your project is officially endorsed or affiliated with HydePHP is not allowed.
  • Use of HydePHP brand assets in a way that promotes hate speech, discrimination, or illegal activities is strictly prohibited.

3. Attribution:

  • When using HydePHP brand assets, please provide appropriate attribution to HydePHP. For example, "HydePHP is an open-source project" or "HydePHP logo by HydePHP Project Authors."

4. Non-commercial Use:

  • HydePHP brand assets may generally be used for non-commercial purposes, including personal projects, educational materials, and community events, without prior permission.

5. Commercial Use:

  • For any commercial use of HydePHP brand assets, including but not limited to merchandise, advertising, or sponsorship, please contact HydePHP Project for permission and guidelines.

6. Journalistic and Review Use:

  • Journalists and reviewers are permitted to use HydePHP brand assets for the purpose of covering HydePHP-related topics, products, or events.

7. Icon Logo Usage:

  • HydePHP currently offers an icon logo as its primary brand asset. Ensure that the icon is used in a clear and legible manner and is not modified in any way that compromises its integrity.

8. Wordmark Usage:

  • HydePHP does not currently have an official wordmark. Please refrain from creating or using a wordmark on behalf of HydePHP unless explicitly authorized by HydePHP.

9. Reporting Misuse:

  • If you come across any misuse or unauthorized use of HydePHP brand assets, please report it to the HydePHP Project Authors.

10. Compliance with Laws and Regulations: - Ensure that your use of HydePHP brand assets complies with all applicable laws and regulations in your jurisdiction.

By using HydePHP brand assets, you acknowledge and agree to abide by these guidelines and terms. HydePHP reserves the right to revoke permission for use if these guidelines are violated or if HydePHP determines that such use is not in the best interest of the project.

For any questions or specific requests regarding the use of HydePHP brand assets, please contact us at [email protected].

Thank you for supporting HydePHP and helping us maintain the integrity of our brand.