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HydePHP Version v1.6 Released

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HydePHP v1.6 is now available for download!

This update brings several new features and improvements that enhance the flexibility and performance of your HydePHP static site projects. Let's dive into the most significant changes!

New Features and Improvements

1. Enhanced Head Component Customization

The head.blade.php component now includes a @head stack, allowing for more flexible customization of your site's <head> section. This addition makes it easier to inject custom meta tags, scripts, or styles on a per-page basis.

2. Improved Routing and Asset Handling

We've introduced new global helper functions (asset(), route(), and url()), along with a Hyde::route() helper in the Hyde facade. These additions simplify asset management and URL generation throughout your project.

3. Feature Management Enhancements

A new Feature enum has been added to improve the Features facade. This change allows for more robust feature toggling and management within your HydePHP projects.

4. Build Task Optimization

You can now use the ->skip() helper to exclude specific build tasks, offering more control over the build process and potentially speeding up development workflows.

Important Changes

  • The features array in config/hyde.php now uses Feature enums instead of string values.
  • Sitemap generation will be skipped if no base URL is set, aligning with Google's indexing requirements.
  • The debug command now prints the binary path when running in a standalone Phar, aiding in troubleshooting.

Bug Fixes

Several bugs have been addressed in this release, including:

  • Fixed sitemap and RSS feed generation issues when the _site/ directory is absent.
  • Resolved extra newline output during failing build tasks.
  • Improved blog post description generation by stripping Markdown formatting.
  • Fixed a responsive dashboard table issue in the Realtime Compiler.

Preparing for HydePHP v2.0

As we look ahead to the upcoming v2.0 release, we've deprecated some static Features flag methods used in configuration files. To ensure a smooth transition, we recommend updating your config/hyde.php file to use the new Feature enum for the features array.

For detailed upgrade instructions and examples, please refer to the pull request #1650 in our GitHub development repository.

Upgrade Guide

To upgrade to this version, simply run the following command:

composer require hyde/framework:^1.6

You may first want to read the upgrade guide documentation.


HydePHP v1.6 brings valuable improvements to the framework, enhancing developer experience and setting the stage for future advancements. We encourage all users to upgrade to this latest version and start preparing for the upcoming v2.0 release.

Thank you for your continued support and happy coding with HydePHP!

We hope you enjoy this release, and please report any issues you find at GitHub,, and share your thoughts on Twitter/X, just use the hashtag #HydePHP, and tag us at @HydeFramework.

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