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Extensions and Integrations

First party extensions

Realtime Compiler

The Hyde Realtime Compiler is now included with Hyde installations and is what powers the php hyde serve command.

Integrations with third-party tools


About Torchlight

Torchlight is an amazing API for syntax highlighting and is what this site uses. I cannot recommend it highly enough, especially for documentation sites and code-heavy blogs!

Getting started

To get started you need an API token which you can get through the website. It is entirely free for personal and open source projects.

When you have an API token, set it in the .env file in the root directory of your project. Once a token is set, Hyde will automatically enable the CommonMark extension.


Attribution and configuration

Note that you need to provide an attribution link, thankfully Hyde injects a customizable link automatically to all pages that use Torchlight. You can of course disable this in the config/torchlight.php file.

1'attribution' => [
2 'enabled' => true,
3 'markdown' => 'Syntax highlighting by <a href="" rel="noopener nofollow"></a>',


Have an idea for an extension or integration? Let me know! I'd love to hear from you.

Get in touch on GitHub or send me a DM on Twitter.